TAMS Planners

Each year, TAMS students receive a date book – what we call a “school planner.”  At the start of this year, we went through lessons about how to effectively use a planner to manage assignments, improve time management, and stay organized.  Keeping track of due dates and activities is only part of the planning process.  Breaking down assignments to manageable tasks, spreading out projects, blocking off time to study (not just completing an assignment), and checking off assignments that have been turned in are all ways to use a planner to plan for success! We know that effective use of a planner is a key to success in school.  We are working with students to build this life-long routine. If you haven’t seen your child’s planner yet, please ask him/her to show it to you and talk about how he/she is using it.  Thank you for helping us encourage this very important habit!