Due to the cancellation of this year’s spring musical, three options will be available to all business patrons and ticket holders:

Option #1 – You can let your purchase of ads or tickets be a donation to the TAHS Drama Club.  Since the show was only two weeks away from opening night when all of the schools were closed for COVID-19, the Drama Club will still have expenses from the show. 

Option #2 –

  • Program ads……Anyone who purchased an ad can let the ad carry over to next year’s spring musical program.  Businesses who select this option will be contacted after the first of the year to see if they would like any changes made to their ads.  
    • If you would like your ad(s) to carry over to next year, please send an email to stating what ads) should be carried over.
  •  Tickets….Please keep your tickets somewhere safe until tickets go on sale next year, at which time you can bring them in to exchange them for tickets to next year’s show. This will be an even exchange since our ticket prices will not change. 

Option #3 – You can request a refund for your ad or ticket purchases.  If you would like a refund, you will need to send a letter requesting the refund to:

TAHS Drama Club
Attn: Laura Harris
1001 Clay Ave.
Tyrone, PA 16686