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Quarantined - Everything you Need to Know

Tyrone Area Middle School


  • If you are sent home due to symptoms, you may return early from quarantine if:
    • You produce a negative COVID test OR
    • You produce an alternative diagnosis from a physician
      • Your doctor can fax this information to the middle school office at 682-1013
    • If you are sent home due to close contact/possible exposure, you must stay home from school through the entire 10-day quarantine period.
      • Your return date will be given to you at the time you are sent home.
    • Contact Tracy Miller, school nurse, at or 684-4240 ext 3710


  • If you are quarantined due to a positive COVID exposure or you were sent home with symptoms, you are still required to complete all assignments while away from school.
  • All assignments for each class are posted to Canvas.
  • Email your teacher if you have specific questions about an assignment.


  • Login to the Tyrone Area Middle School website
    • Scroll down to find the Google form labeled “Middle School Virtual Day Attendance Form” each day for attendance.
    • Log your attendance each day between 6am-10am on this form.
  • If you have questions or concerns regarding attendance, please contact Mrs. Niki Goodwin, middle school secretary, at 684-4240 or