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Quarantined - Everything you Need to Know

Tyrone Area High School
Everything You Need to Know


  • Should my student complete schoolwork?
    • Yes, IF they feel well enough physically and emotionally to do so
  • Assignments
    • Your student should have access to their schoolwork through the district’s CANVAS page.
    • Any questions regarding academics should be directed to your child’s teacher for the subject in question.
    • Your student’s teachers will continue to work diligently to support your child while they are in quarantine as well as when they return to get them caught up and on pace with their peers.
    • Students are expected to complete all assigned work on CANVAS during their quarantine.


  • My student’s device is not working properly, what should I do?


  • Login on the Google Form each day for attendance by 10:00 AM and 11:15 AM for GACTC students.
  • Any questions or concerns regarding attendance you can contact the High School directly at 684-4240 ext. 3703 or email

Additional Support

            School Counselors

Dean of Students


Quarantine Rules

  • Guidelines for quarantines vary depending on each situation. Make sure you verify with the school nurse the exact length of your student’s quarantine.
  • If you are sent home due to symptoms, you may return from quarantine early IF…
    • You produce a negative COVID Test OR
    • You produce an alternative diagnosis from a physician OR
  • Otherwise, your student will return at the end of the quarantine. (NO return from quarantine early!)