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Grief and Loss Resources

Grief and loss can be difficult topics for us to process. The district counselors are available to support those in need. We have also included resources below to help parents navigate these difficult conversations.
  • Use simple, clear, and direct words.  Avoid phrases that may confuse what happened such as went to sleep.
  • Listen and offer comfort.
  • Validate your child’s feelings.  Everyone reacts differently to grief. This event may even bring up feelings of past losses (grandparents, pets, etc) 
  • It is ok to feel like you do not have the right words to say or even tell them that you do not have the answer.
  • It is also ok to express your own feelings with your kids and model that grieving happens to all people.
  • Please utilize natural and formal supports as needed through family, friends, school, or local agencies.  Numbers and websites are available below.

24/7 Crisis Centers

  • Centre County 1-800-643-5432
  • Huntington 1-800-929-9583
  • Blair 814-889-2141 option 1

The Healing Patch

211- generalized resource number

School Resources

Elementary School 814-684-1342

  • Brooke Gertz ext 2717
  • Kim Eaken ext 2716

Middle School

  • April Campbell ext 5222
  • Matt Kimberlin ext 5227

High School

  • Jessica Koeck ext 3705

District Social Worker 

  • Shannon Flanagan ext 3707