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Partnership with the Appalachia IU 8 and The National Dropout Prevention Center to implement the Trauma-Skilled Schools Model

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, and Community Members,

It is my pleasure to announce that Tyrone Area School District is partnering with the Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 and The National Dropout Prevention Center to implement the Trauma-Skilled Schools Model™ in support of our students. 

In the wake of the pandemic, many, if not all of our students are living with the adverse effects of chronic stress and trauma. Students have been faced with many challenges to include widespread inconsistencies in things that they typically relied on such as school routine, financial and emotional stability, and food security. The Trauma-Skilled Schools Model™ was created with the understanding that any child, at any time, could be managing the effects of chronic stress and or trauma. This can lead to behavior issues and difficulty with learning and achieving academic success.

The Trauma-Skilled Schools Model™, developed by The National Dropout Prevention Center, supports students by building resiliency through enhanced Connection, Belonging, Achievement, Autonomy, and Fulfillment. All school staff are trained to create environments and utilize trauma-skilled practices that foster a positive school culture and climate in order for all students to succeed.

The district Catalyst Action Team, or CAT,  made up of certified Trauma-Skilled Specialists, will lead our school through this transformative process. CAT members will assist all staff with training, development and implementation of a Trauma-Skilled Schools Plan, maintenance, and fidelity of the model. 

Meet our Catalyst Action Team Members:

Renee Jamison Renee Jamison - TAES/TAMS Teacher,


Deanna McCreary Deanna McCreary - TAMS/TAHS Art Teacher,


Rob Drager Rob Drager - TAES PE Teacher,

Teresa Myers Teresa Myers - TAHS Science Teacher,


Matt Kimberlin Matthew Kimberlin - TAMS School Counselor,


Brooke Gertz Brooke Gertz -  TAES School Counselor,


Shannon Flanagan Shannon Flanagan - TASD Social Worker,


Kourtney Klock Kourtney Klock - TASD School Psychologist,


Kristen Pinter Kristen Pinter - TASD Director of Curriculum & Instruction,

You are encouraged to reach out to our team members at any time you have a question or would like support.

For more information about the Trauma-Skilled Schools Model™, please visit 

We look forward to working together to create safe and supportive learning pathways so that ALL students can succeed!