Music Theory Course

  • Goals & Objectives:

    • Learn music theory concepts for practical use in analyzing, composing, and performing music
      • basic elements of music, scales, chord structures, chord relationships and progressions, harmonic analysis
      • composing melodies, harmonies and rhythms and opportunity to perform for the class or in public
    • Class goals and objectives will be tailored to the level of students in the class
      • Beginner - introduction
      • Intermediate - building on concepts already known by students in music ensembles

    Schedule - everyday 3rd period

    Grading & general outline of class

    • Assignments and "class work" will be both in class and on CANVAS - varying points per assignment
    • quizzes (weekly)
    • tests (every few weeks)

    Online resources

    • View the online resources link to the left (mobile users go to "pages" and "resources")
    • We will use online apps to compose and other online sites and apps in the learning process