Photo of Dr. William Budd Glenn

Dr. William Budd Glenn

  • William Budd Glenn graduated from Tyrone Area High School in 1956.  He continued his education by earning a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Juniata College and his Doctorate in Inorganic Physical Chemistry from West Virginia.

    Budd was employed by DuPont for 21 years before accepting early retirement in 1988.  During his employment at DuPont he was named their first Principal Consultant and he led many new important innovations in the automotive industry such as pioneering materials development and processing technology in automotive intake manifolds, large auto body parts and blow molded auto parts.  As recognition of his accomplishments DuPont awarded him their prestigious Corporate Marketing Award.

    Budd has taught Chemistry at various institutions including West Virginia University, University of Michigan, Appalachian University and the University of North Carolina.  While employed with the Polymers Center of Excellence at the University of North Carolina Budd initiated the original telecast of the Plastics Learning Network which was broadcast from Mexico City to Canada.

    Budd remains actively involved as a worldwide consultant for Polymer Chemistry and plastics manufacturing with clients in China, Taiwan, and Thailand.

    Budd enjoys cycling; he has even biked 350 miles from Birmingham, Michigan to Pittsburgh for his 25th Class Reunion of Tyrone High.

    Budd is married to Margaret Chidester and has two daughters and one son and is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. William B. Glenn of Tyrone.