Photo of Samuel E. Hayes, Jr.

Samuel E. Hayes, Jr.

  • Samuel E. Hayes, Jr. is a 1958 graduate of the Tyrone Area High School.  

    Representative/Secretary Hayes was a senior leader in both the Legislative Branch and Executive Branch of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

    Representative Hayes was a lawmaker and legislative leader in the PA House of Representatives from 1970-1992 where he served in the leadership roles of Majority Leader and Whip. 

    Secretary Hayes served as the Secretary of Agriculture for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from 1997-2003.  In 2002, Secretary Hayes also served as the Secretary of Legislative Affairs concurrent with being the Secretary of Agriculture. 

    Hayes holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Education degrees from The Pennsylvania State University and an Honorary Doctor of Laws from Juniata College. 

    Hayes has professional certification as a teacher and high school principal.  He taught at the Tyrone Area High School immediately prior to his election to the PA House of Representatives in 1970.

    Hayes served on active duty with the U.S. Army and is a veteran of the Vietnam War where he received the Bronze Star.

    Hayes has served as a member of many boards and commissions to include the PA State Board of Education; Pennsylvania 2000, Board of Director for Education Reform; National Steering Committee for the National Assessment of Education Progress; and, he has served as Chairman of the Pennsylvania Farmland Preservation Board; Pennsylvania Farm Show Commission; State Conservation Commission; Pennsylvania Animal Health Commission; Agriculture Law Center Board at the Dickinson School of Law; and he has served as President of the PA FFA Foundation.  Hayes currently serves as a member of the Board of Trustees at The Pennsylvania State University. 

    A few of the awards and recognitions received by Representative/Secretary Hayes include Lawmaker of the Year (PA Retailers Association); Alumni Fellow (The Pennsylvania State University); Humanitarian Award (Chapel of Four Chaplains); Distinguished PSU Military Alumni Award (Department of Military Science, The Pennsylvania State University);  Veterans of Foreign War Medal of Commendation (VFW of Pennsylvania); One of a Kind Award for highway and bridge construction (Associated Pennsylvania Constructors); Livestock Hall of Fame (Pennsylvania Livestock Association); Image Award (All-American Dairy Show); Leadership Award (Pennsylvania Hunger Action); President’s Award (Pennsylvania Rural Water Association); National VIP Citation and Honorary American Farmer Degree (National FFA); National 4-H Alumni Award (USA 4-H); Distinguished Service Award (PennAg Industries); Distinguished Service Award (Farm Bureau of Pennsylvania); Leadership Award (Pennsylvania State System of High Education); and the Paul Harris Fellow Award (Rotary International).  Scholarships have been established in his honor at Juniata College and The Pennsylvania State University. 

    Hayes has represented Pennsylvania and the United States professionally in Japan, India, Poland, Mexico, Honduras, Singapore, Australia, Panama, Belgium, Israel, South Africa, Korea, Canada, Czech Republic, Ireland, and Vietnam (military). 

    Representative/Secretary Hayes continues to teach and lecture in public policy, political science, public administration, and the legislative process.  Hayes has been a presenter at hundreds of statewide, nationwide, and international forums.  Hayes serves as an adjunct instructor at Juniata College.  He accepts many public speaking invitations. 

    Samuel E. Hayes, Jr. has dedicated his life to defending our country; helping citizens; schools and education for our young people; agriculture and economic development; state and municipal infrastructure to include highways, bridges, water, and public safety; tax reform; conservation of our natural resources; advancement of our human services; and the necessary guardianship to preserve and nurture our political system of self governance for we the people.

    Samuel married Elizabeth (Betty Lee) Keister and they have three sons - Samuel, III, Lee, and Erick.