• Tyrone Area Elementary School School-wide Title 1 Program

    Our District reading curriculum is supported and supplemented by the Title 1 program in assessment, instruction, data-collection, and score reporting.  Everyone works together to support the achievement of our students.  It is truly a "School-wide" effort. All students benefit from the program. 

    Throughout this web page you will find links to valuable information to support our students.  Just click on any underlined text to find these links.  For example, click on the words "Parent Involvement" to find great resources for parents!

    What is Title 1?

    Title 1 is the nation's largest federal assistance program for schools. 

    Title 1 provides :
    • Funds to support programs to help children who need that little extra help in reading. 
    • Extra help in addition to what the children learn during reading in the classroom.
    • Funding under No Child Left Behind
    • Support for the families of the students through parental involvement activities. 

    Image of adult reading to children

    It helps teachers, students, & parents.

    The program can help…

    • Students do better in school and feel better about themselves.
    • Teachers understand the needs and concerns of students and parents.
    • Parents understand their child and be involved in their child’s education.

     Federal Goals of Title 1 Reading:  

    • Provide millions of children with the help they need to be successful in school. 
    • Direct school districts in establishing assessments, benchmarks, and moving the students to proficiency.
    •  Direct the Title 1 resources toward students who need assistance in meeting district goals. (Students are identified for the program based on performance on assessments.)
    • Instruct students in meeting state standards in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
    • Prepare students in meeting state assessment.
    • Provide services at a public school, private school or parochial school.


    The Seven School District Goals of Title 1 Reading:

    1. To assist students in attaining the academic state standards outlined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and mandated by the “No Child Left Behind” (NCLB) federal legislation.

    2. To assist students in meeting state standards in reading, writing, speaking, and listening on the PSSA.

    3. To provide students with systematic and structured skills instruction.

    4. To assist students in developing study skills and independent work habits.

    5. To help students develop and interest in reading.

    6. To help students develop higher order thinking skills.

    7. To encourage parent involvement.


    The Title 1 Program Offers…     

    • Smaller classes and smaller instructional groups.
    • Additional teachers and paraprofessionals.
    • Additional training for school staff.
    • Extra time for instruction.
    • Title 1 teachers and other staff members working closely together on the 5 Essential Components of Reading Instruction, Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension.