• Middle School Administration:
    Middle School Principal:  

    Dean of Students:
    Amy Fleck

    Greetings from the Principal,

    Thank you for visiting our middle school website.  Our school houses approximately 550 students and a staff of over forty professionals dedicated to the growth, nurturing, and learning of each student. We see ourselves as one big family and work hard to foster a strong relationship between home and school.  It is our belief that student achievement requires the full energies of the students, the families and the school, working together toward a common goal.

    Embedded in our curriculum you will discover differentiated instruction, cooperative learning groups, inclusion, interdisciplinary projects, the use of technology and a hands-on approach to learning.  We have a standards-based curriculum and high expectations for all students.  Our focus is on students as individuals and enabling each one to achieve all he/she is capable of being. 

    With the construction of our middle school addition in 2006 and the creation of a new middle school master schedule, a wide range of opportunities exists for enrichment, academic support, clubs, and activities, which are available to all students.  These offerings may include yearbook, newswriting, STEAM, Tyrone history, and computer programming, to name a few.  In addition, we offer school dances, educational field trips, and much more.  Those drawn to the arts can participate in musical productions, such as band and choral presentations. The Tyrone Area Middle School has a motivated and vibrant student body.  Each new year brings innovative opportunities to provide the best in student achievement and participation!

    As a community member and former student, I take great pride in our school district.  It is my sincere hope that all students feel welcome in our school and take full advantage of the opportunities that are offered.  To that end, I am dedicated to working with our students and families, faculty, and staff to create an outstanding educational experience. 

    -Mr. Cowher, TAMS Principal