Tyrone Elementary School
    Preschool - Grade 4
    The Tyrone Elementary school offers programs for children preschool through fourth grade.  At Tyrone Area Elementary School, our motto -- "educate all students to support high levels of academic achievement" -- transcend all aspects of our operation.  We truly believe that all children can learn, and we make it our responsibility to ensure all students learn at high levels.  The elementary staff sets high expectations to ensure a challenging curriculum for all students.  Through the Rtll Model, the teacher uses ongoing assessments to guide instructional practices and to identify students who need additional time and support to master skills.  They differentiate or modify instruction to meet the individual needs of each student while keeping a sharp focus on the progress of the whole group.
    Our goal is to provide success in learning and a strong foundation for future education.  Our commitment is to guide children toward life-long learning.
    The program of studies is defined through planned instruction with emphasis on alignment with the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards.  Opportunities exist for success at all student ability levels, as delivery of instruction and teaching techniques are varied.
    The curriculum includes:
    • Guided Reading
    • Shared Reading
    • Shared Writing
    • Zaner-Bloser Handwriting
    • Wright Skills Phonics
    • Small group instruction based on data
    Math:  Go Math
    • Kid Writing (Preschool)
    • Lucy Calkins (Kdg-1st)
    • Process Writing (1st-4th)
    Science:  Inquiry based science models (FOSS &STC)
    Social Studies and Health
    Special Subjects:
    • Physical Education
    • Art
    • Music
    • Library
    • Instrumental Music
    • Music Keyboarding 
    Technological advancement is evident throughout the elementary program.  Networked computers are located in the lab, library, and all classrooms.  Students participate in planned technology activities in preschool through fourth grade.  
  • Tyrone Area Elementary School
    Mission Statement
    Our mission is to educate all students to support high levels of academic achievement.  We will empower our students to attain academic, social, and emotional success in a positive, safe, nurturing, and supportive environment.  Academic success will be achieved by differentiating instruction based on data.  Collaboration with colleagues, families, and the community are vital to this success.
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