• Math 24 Challenge Club


    Advisor:  Sean Harker

    Who:  Students in 5th – 8th grade who enjoy mathematics and are looking for competition to test their arithmetic skills.

    What:  The Challenge 24 club is a group in the middle school that will learn about the game “Math 24” and the strategies behind it.  The goal is to get students to become proficient and efficient in the way they see and use arithmetic.

    When:  The Challenge 24 club will meet once a week after school.

    Where:  Club meetings will be held in Mr. Harker’s classroom (room 211).  In the Spring, there is a competition at a location determined by the IU8 where our students will go up against competitors from other school districts.

    Why:  Our goal is to give students in the Tyrone Middle School a chance to grow their math skills through team building and competition.  Building students’ knowledge and love for mathematics opens up many career possibilities later in life.

    Email Address:  smharker@tyrone.k12.pa.us