• COVID-19 Symptoms and Return Procedures


    UPDATED COVID-19 GUIDANCE – September 2023

    Q:  Should parents, students, and staff still screen for symptoms before sending children to school and/or coming to work?

    A:  Yes, parents should screen their children each day before coming to school and staff should screen themselves before coming to work for general signs of not feeling well.  If your child is not feeling well, exhibiting COVID-19  or flu-like symptoms, or taking fever-reducing medication, your child should STAY AT HOME.  Normal guidelines such as being “fever free for 24 hours, etc., will apply before returning to school.  Please follow instructions provided by your health care provider to return to school/work.

    Q: What if I am experiencing COVID-like or flu-like symptoms?

    A:  If you are experiencing COVID-like or flu-like symptoms, 

    •    Stay home if you have a fever (100 degrees or higher) or are sick.
    •    Testing is recommended, but not required.
    •    Contact your healthcare provider or the school nurse if you have questions.

    Q: What if I test positive for COVID-19?

    A:  Families should notify the school nurse if a student is COVID-positive and follow the recommendations of your healthcare provider and/or the CDC.   Likewise, school staff members should notify the school nurse if they test positive for COVID-19.

    Families should review and follow current CDC guidance if exposed.  If you would like to review this guidance with our health staff or if you have any questions, please contact our nursing offices.   

    Tyrone Middle/High School
    Tracy Miller tlmiller@tyrone.k12.pa.us
    Telephone:  (814) 684-4240  Ext.  3710
    Fax:  Middle School (814) 682-1013
    Fax:  High School (814) 684-4245

    Tyrone Area Elementary School
    Molly Mills mcmills@tyrone.k12.pa.us
    Telephone:  (814) 684-1342  Ext.  2708
    Fax:  (814) 684-2149