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    Tyrone Cyber Academy

    Contact Information
    Tyrone Area School District
    1001 Clay Avenue
    Tyrone, PA 16686

    Reasons to Enroll -
    Credit Recovery
    Schedule Conflict
    Career and Tech Students
    Flexible Schedule
    Summer School
    Expanded Curriculum

    Frequently Asked Questions -

    1. Who can take online classes?
         Online classes are available to any student in the Tyrone Area School District.

    2. Am I still considered a Tyrone Area Student?
         Yes, students in the TASD Cyber Academy will receive a TASD diploma and attend graduation with their class. High School students are still eligible to attend the GACTC.

    3. Can I participate in all TASD sporting and extra-curricular activities?
         Yes, as long as you are academically eligible.

    4. Are support services available?
         Yes, during the school day in quiet study and/or learning support, as well as, after school during academic support. Students also have access to TASD teachers and counselors.

    5. How is attendance taken in a cyber program?
         Each student must be on task in the program for a predetermined number of hours each day school is in session.

    6. When can I work on cyber classes?
         Classes are accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days a week allowing students to learn at their own pace.


    • Fill Out the Application on TASD Website.  Please complete form and email to cyber@tyrone.k12.pa.us or drop off to the High School Main Office.
      Cyber Academy Application
    • Meet with your Guidance Counselor
      Talk to guidance to determine the best program for your individual learning goals.
    • Orientation meeting with the Cyber Coordinator
      Parent, student and cyber coordinator meet to access and learn more about your individual program before you begin.