Question:  Why does my child’s attendance say “DU” (dismissed unexcused) when I signed him out of school early for an appointment?

    Answer:  A note needs to be sent in with the student stating that he/she will be leaving early for a doctor’s appointment.  A doctor’s excuse can also be sent in the following day. 

    *Note—if returning to school after an appointment, please have a doctor’s excuse and give it to the main office.

    Question: If I have a question about my child’s attendance, who do I contact?

    Answer:  You can call into the main office at 684-1342 ext. 2701 for attendance questions.

    Question:  If we are planning a vacation during the school year what do we need to do?

    Answer:  At least 2 weeks before going on vacation, you will need to fill out a “Family Educational Trip” form, which can be sent home with your child or picked up in the main office.  


    Question:  I received a call my child was sick at school/needs clothing/etc. and needs to be picked up.  What is the procedure?

    Answer:  If someone calls you from the school stating that your child is sick or needs clothing, etc., you must first come into the main office and one of the secretaries will call the nurse.  You are not permitted to go directly to the nurse’s office! The nurse will bring your child to the main office and give you any information and answer questions. If you are taking your child home, you must sign your child out in the main office before leaving. 


    Question:  Our family is moving, what do I need to do?

    Answer:  If you are planning on moving, please contact the office BEFORE you move, so we can start updating our systems.  If your child rides the bus, you will need to contact the transportation office at ext. 3708 to set up busing.  Please note that it will take 3-5 days for our system to update and provide a new bus number.



    Question:  My phone number has changed.  Who do I let know?

    Answer:  If your home/cell number has changed, please call ext. 2701, so it can be changed in our system.  The office will notify your child’s teacher(s) as well as the nurse.

    Question:  How do I add/drop a contact from my emergency form?

    Answer:  Please call the main office at 684-1342 ext. 2701 if you need to update any information on your emergency form. 



    Any questions about upcoming events please check the website.  All events will be posted to the website.



    Question: How much is my tuition?

    Answer:  Tuition varies for each student based on the times you signed up for and/or any subsidized finding that you may receive, etc.  You should have received a copy of a signed payment agreement with your weekly tuition cost that takes into account your circumstances.  Any questions concerning your payment should be directed to Kristin Musselman at knmusselman@tyrone.k12.pa.us or 684-1342 ext. 2703.

    Question:  Where do I pay?

    Answer:  Payments should always be placed in a payment envelope and put directly into the payment box located on the wall by the back playground doors.  Please ask any daycare staff member for assistance in locating the box.  Cash payments should NOT be placed in this box.  Please take any cash payments to the main office and the office staff will give you a receipt.

    Question:  Who do I write my check out to?

    Answer:  Daycare checks for tuition should be written out to TAES Daycare.

    Question:  When do I pay?

    Answer:  Your payment agreement states that, payments are due no later than the Friday before each week your child attends.  If payment still has not been received by the following Friday, late charges (see payment agreement for costs) will be applied to your account.  Failure to pay will result in termination of care.

    Question:  Do I still pay when my child is sick/not in attendance?

    Answer:  Parents are still responsible for full payment of each day daycare is open regardless of your child’s attendance.