Tyrone Area School District

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Right-To-Know Law
In compliance with the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law the Tyrone Area School District has adopted a right to know policy, Policy 801 Public Records, and clear procedures so community members can obtain public records.
To request a public record, please use the form below or contact the Public Records Officer:
John Clark, Business Administrator
Tyrone Area School District
701 Clay Ave
Tyrone, PA 16686
Phone (814) 684-0710
Fax (814) 684-8408
Office hours 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
A request for copies of public records or information produced there from must be accompanied by payment of fees to cover the direct cost of duplication as set forth below:
1.  Postage - fees will not exceed the actual cost of mailing.
2.  Duplication - fees for photocopying, printong from electronic media, copying on to electronic media, transmission by facsimile or other methods of duplication.
3. Certification - fees for official certification of copies if requested by requestor
4.  Reasonable fees to cover other types of reproduction costs, inclusion conversion, electronic access, etc.