• SOAR is our school-wide positive behavior and intervention support system (SWPBIS) and is a proactive approach that promotes appropriate student behavior and increased learning.  At the middle school, SOAR is the acronym we use to help students easily remember the core values: 

    • Strive for Success
    • Observe Safety
    • Act with Integrity
    • Respect All 

    During the 1st or 2nd week of school, the entire middle school participates in a SOAR kick-off assembly.  An important part of SWPBIS is the recognition and reinforcement of positive behaviors.  Students can earn SOAR tickets by modeling any of the core values or participating in SOAR themed spirit days, such as jersey day, camo day, twin day, etc.  Tickets are given out randomly, so students never know when they might earn a ticket.  The SOAR tickets can then be used as “currency” in the SOAR store to buy a variety of items or traded in during special events and assemblies.  

     Examples of Core Values


    Instructional Areas






    Field Trips &


    Strive for Success

    *Model appropriate behaviors

    *Always put forth your best effort

    *Turn in assignments complete and on time

    *Come to class on time and prepared

    *Model appropriate behaviors

    *Use facility quickly and appropriately

    *Model appropriate behaviors

    *Follow traffic patterns

    *Wait for staff instructions

    *Model appropriate behaviors

    *Get to class quickly and efficiently


    *Model appropriate behaviors

    *Take all belongings with you

    *Follow specific bus rules

    *Model appropriate behaviors

    *Get to class quickly

    * Model appropriate behaviors

    *Wait for instructions


    Observe Safety

    *Keep your area clean

    *Use materials appropriately

    *Wash hands

    *Report unsafe/unclean conditions



    *Push in chairs

    *Keep hallways clear and traffic moving

    *Right is right

    *Walk and keep your feet on the ground

    *Stay in seat
    *Face forward

    *Keep belongings to self


    *Right is right

    *Keep stairwells clear and traffic moving

    *Follow directions

    *Remain in assigned areas

    Act with Integrity

    *Be honest

    *Take responsibility for your choices


    *Put trash in trash cans

    *Use inside voices

    *Keep walls and mirrors free of markings

    *Clean up messes

    *Take only what you need

    *Keep food in cafeteria


    *Use only your locker and lock it

    *Use manners

    *Keep lockers and hallways clean and organized

    *Be gentle with your locker

    *Use school voices

    *Use appropriate language and gestures

    *Comply with directions

    *Use appropriate language

    *Use manners

    *Respect the environment

    Respect All

    *Show tolerance

    *Keep hands, feet, and body to self
    *Listen and respond to others appropriately

    *Keep hands, feet, and body to self

    *Observe privacy

    *Use manners

    *Keep hands, feet, and body to self

    *Use quiet voice

    *Keep hands, feet, and body to self

    *Show tolerance and help others

    *Be respectful of other’s belongings

    *Keep hands, feet, and body to self

    *Use quiet voice

    *Show respect to others

    *Listen to speaker(s)

    *Respond appropriately

    *Keep hands, feet, and body to self


    Each month, the Events Committee organizes themed events that typically coincide with the seasons/holidays.  During October, students may use SOAR tickets to buy apple cider at lunch.  Sometime in January or February, we like to do a Cabin Fever day.  We play luau music during lunches, have students wear Hawaiian-style clothing, do the limbo and hand out popsicles in exchange for SOAR tickets.  The Raffle Committee holds weekly raffles, and students place their SOAR tickets in a bucket for a chance to win a variety of things including Tyrone apparel, ice-cream, tickets to local businesses, etc.  SOAR assemblies are held at the conclusion of each marking period.  Students pay admission to these assemblies (usually 5 SOAR tickets) and can also use their tickets for a chance to be selected as a participant in the assembly.  We have done Double Dare, SOAR Olympics, Lip Sync Battle, Minute to Win it, etc.