Mrs. Jenna Erick

Jenna M. Dillon
  • Teaching third grade at Tyrone for the last ten years has been a blessing. I attended Penn State University and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. Upon graduating in 2011, I started teaching in Tyrone School District.  After teaching a year in K-4, I was hired as a third grade teacher. This will be my eleventh year as a third grade teacher, and while I never stop learning, I am just as excited as when I first started teaching to challenge, care, and communicate daily with these students.

    To further my education, I completed courses to earn a Master's degree in Education from Saint Francis University. Growing up and graduating from this district was a wonderful journey. In my spare time, I enjoy going to the gym, cooking, and spending time with my daughter, Natalie and husband.
  • Overview of Expectations for Students Prior to First Day-

     Meet the Teacher (Overview for Students)


    In our classroom during Literacy Block, I have been using the Close Reading strategy to increase comprehension and fluency. Close Reading involves multiple reads of a document, typically an informational text, but not always, and it helps the reader understand the text more deeply after each time reading it.

    Close Reading cuts back on scanning for answers, and increases students' skillset with identifying the main idea and vocabulary, as well as critically thinking through higher level questions. For a list of some questions that would be examples in this lesson, please email me.

    The following link is an example of a Flipchart students will see in the classroom: 

    Close Reading Format Lesson Example