Lillian Miller



    About me:

               I live in Bald Eagle with my two sons, Dusty and Caleb and our two cats, Hunter and Ginger and our dog, Darla.    When I am not teaching, I spend much of my time at ball fields and gymnasiums.  My boys are involved in baseball, football, soccer, basketball and wrestling!!!  I also enjoy traveling, reading and swimming (or reading by the pool or on the beach!).

              This will be my 9th year in the Tyrone District.  When I started college to earn my degree in Early Childhood and Elementary education, I was hoping to get a degree that would allow me to teach preschool in an elementary setting.  I have been very blessed to get exactly the job I wished for in my hometown.  I come home very tired many days, especially in September, but I couldn’t love my job more! 


    About our Classroom:

              We are always busy learning new things.  The first couple weeks of school, we will be working on learning the routines of the classroom.   We will also work on building a classroom community – learning names, singing songs together, learning new social skills and exploring the center areas. This part always takes some time but it is amazing to see the progress by October. 

              During the school day we will have a circle time, teacher centers, free choice, recess, and a meal.   We pack quite a lot into 3 hours and I hope you enjoy hearing all about it at the end of each day.