Miss Bumbarger

Kelsie Bumbarger

  • Welcome to 5th grade!

    Hello! My name is Kelsie Bumbarger. I went to Altoona Area High School and graduated from Penn State Altoona with a bachelors degree in Elementary Education K-12. I grew up in Altoona and still live there today with my husband. I played volleyball throughout my high school and college career.  
    I have two cats, Maz and Stark. They are twin brothers who love to play and cuddle. Also, I have three dogs, Remi, Ollie, and Jax! We have had Remi since he was a puppy. He was one crazy pup. His mom was a pug and his dad was a cock-a-poo. We adopted Ollie from Mending Hearts Animal Rescue in Hollidaysburg to give Remi a puppy playmate. Ollie is a beagle mix. We adopted Jax from the Humain Society. We think that Remi and Jax are brothers. They love to spend their days running around the house and the yard playing together!  Maz and Stark prefer to lay around and watch them run around!  
    I am super excited for this year! I will be teaching ELA, which is reading and writing, and social studies. Click on the links to each subject to read more about what we will be learning this year! We're going to have a great year!  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me through our school email system.