Holly Sechler

Senora Sechler

  • I was born in Boulder, Colorado.  I grew up in the mountains and learned to ski at a young age.  I had a passion for the mountains.  I went to Boulder High School and graduated in a class of 620 students.  I then decided that I wanted to attend college out of state to have new experiences.  I visited Penn State and loved it immediately.  I had all intentions of returning to Colorado after I graduated but I met a young man during my sophomore year who changed my plans.  We ended up getting married in 1997 and have lived happily ever after.  I started teaching in Tyrone in 1997.  I had our first child in 2000 and decided to stay at home and take a break from teaching.  We then had one more child in 2002.  I did not return to teaching until 2007.

     I love Spanish.  I started studying Spanish in middle school and continued on through high school.  I lived in Salamanca, Spain for 6 months and have traveled to Mexico and Ecuador.  My hope is to share my love of the language to my students.