Teresa Myers

Teresa Myers

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    My name is Teresa Myers and I've been a teacher in the Tyrone Area School District for the last 15 years.  I have a bachelor of science in Nutrition from Penn State University and Master of Educational Technology from Boise State University. I teach 9th grade health and wellness, which is a fully blended course focusing on three main aspects of health and wellness and include:

    • Physical Health
    • Social Health
    • Emotional Health

    There are four course outcomes for health and wellness:

    Course Outcomes for Health and Wellness  
    In  addition, I teach exploratory health for 8th grade.  Students in exploratory health are in class once every five days. This course focuses on helping students gain a better appreciation for total health. 

    I'm also the high school and middle school technology coach.  With this position, I research emerging technologies that are suitable for classroom use and then bring that information to staff in the form of professional development workshops. 

    It is a pleasure working with and learning with your students, and I look forward to another year where Eagles soar!