Teresa Myers

Teresa Myers

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    My name is Teresa Myers and I've been a teacher in the Tyrone Area School District for 20 years.  I have a bachelor of Nutrition science from Penn State University and a Master of Educational Technology from Boise State University. I teach 9th-grade health and wellness, which is a fully blended course focusing on three main aspects of health and wellness and include:

    • Physical Health
    • Social Health
    • Emotional Health

    There are four course outcomes for health and wellness:

    Course Outcomes for Health and Wellness  
    In addition, I teach exploratory health for 8th grade.  Students in exploratory health are in class once every five days. This course focuses on helping students gain a solid foundation in nutrition concepts. 

    I'm also the high school and middle school technology coach.  With this position, I research emerging technologies that are suitable for classroom use and then bring that information to staff in the form of technology tips and small group, individualized professional development workshops. 

    It is a pleasure working with and learning with your students, and I look forward to another year where Eagles soar!