•  Sunshine Tyrone Area Middle School:

    School Counseling Department
    Matt Kimberlin (grades 5 and 6)


    (814) 684-4240 ext. 5227

    April Campbell (grades 7-8)


    (814) 684-4240 ext. 5222


    Becky Schreckengost (Counseling Secretary)


    (814) 684-4240 ext. 5226 

    Shanon Flanagan (Home School Visitor)


    (814) 684-4240 ext. 3707

     Counseling Program Rationale

         The ever increasing needs of children and the expectations of today’s society impose growing demands on our educational system and its resources. Educators are challenged to educate students with diverse backgrounds at a high level of literacy to meet the demands of an internationally competitive and technological marketplace. At the same time, societal, emotional, familial and a variety of other factors cause some children to attend school ill equipped to learn. Community influences and societal changes generate identifiable student needs that may not be met through classroom instructional programs. Schools must respond to meet these needs by providing support to enable all students to learn effectively through a variety of methods.


         The Middle School Counseling Department recognizes that every student needs sound emotional and social skills to achieve optimum benefit from our educational program. The primary goal of our school counseling program is to facilitate student achievement and accomplishment. Each student is able to participate in our preventive programs through school wide initiatives. In addition, programs such as Life Skills, Paths, and Project STEP UP offer in-class instruction and counseling, while focusing on a variety of developmental and societal challenges. The counseling program also assists individuals in resolving problems that prevent healthy development or require remedial attention. Our goal is to systematically assist all students in the middle school with necessary skill development, designed to enhance success.


    Counseling Curriculum: PATHS, Life Skills grades 7 and 8

    Programs:  Lunch Bunch, Project Step-up, New Student Ambassador Program, Project Safe Guard, Support Team

    Resources:  Bridges, SAP, Home School Visitor, Clinical Homes

    Counseling Services:  Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Career Counseling, Academic Counseling, Personal/Social Counseling, SAP Counseling