• TASD Comprehensive Plan 2019-2022

  • Components of Comprehensive Planning

    TASD recently completed the Comprehensive Planning process as required by the Pennsylvania School Code and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Formerly known as the Strategic Plan, the Comprehensive Plan is comprised of district goals and accomplishments, as well as areas of concern with action plans and implementation steps outlined to address these concerns and goals. This data-driven process allows school districts to collaborate and plan activities and the allocation of resources toward a common vision.

     The Comprehensive Plan consists of various smaller, required components:

    - Professional Education Plan, Special Education Plan, and Pre-Kindergarten Plan, all of which must be revised and resubmitted every 3 years

    - Student Services Plan, Gifted Education Plan, and Teacher Induction Plan, all of which must be revised and approved every 6 years

     The Tyrone Area School District administration involved many school and community individuals in developing the 2019 – 2022 Comprehensive Plan.  Several focus groups comprised of stakeholders at all levels provided input, feedback, and review of the various components of the plan.  Groups included district and school administration and school board, school level teams of teachers and school level parent advisory groups, and other community members in the form of the Superintendent Advisory Council.  Additional district representatives also contributed to pieces of the plan that had a direct impact on their positions (school counselors, school nurses, etc.). 

    During the month of October 2018, the Comprehensive Plan was made available for public inspection and full school board review.  The plan was officially submitted to the TASD School Board for its approval in November 2018, after which time it was submitted to and approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 


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