• This course is designed to introduce the student to the metal and manufacturing industry. Areas of metal fabrication will be covered.

    These areas include:

    • Safety
    • Basic metal identification
    • Measurement and layout tools and techniques
    • Basic hand tool and bench work
    • Sheet metal processes
    • Forge and foundry work
    • Introduction to welding
    • Machine tool technology (machine shop practices)
    • Hands-on activities related to above units of instruction

    Students will be taught the necessary theory for each unit and will be required to pass necessary written and hands on tests related to the units. Students will perform hands-on activities and operations to gain experience in these areas. Good math skills are important for layout work and calculations necessary in the trade. Coursework includes classroom instruction (theory) 30% and hands-on operations 70%. By taking this class the student has indicated an interest in the metalworking field. According to industry statistics, there is a shortage of people to fill many good paying jobs. Possible careers include machinist, welder, sheet metal technician, cnc machine operator, and mechanical engineer.

    Maximum class size is 15.