• This cooperative diversified occupations program is designed to provide on-the-job training by a participating employer in occupational area compatible with the student's career goal. Students must complete an in-school theory course as well as the on-the-job training. The coop program can only be scheduled with the approval of the coop coordinator and the guidance counselor. Students who are interested in being considered for coop should complete an application prior to May of their academic year. Students completing applications in May will be considered first.
    Cooperative diversified occupations/capstone provide a heterogeneous grouping of students from more than one vocational education objective or those students having a vocation career objective who are not presently in a career and technology program.

    The Cooperative program is designed to:

    1. Provide training in those vocational areas not presently being offered at the vocational-technical school or comprehensive high school.
    2. Provide training for students who need an alternative form of education which meets their individual needs.
    3. Provide a workstation as an extension of an existing program in which a student is enrolled.
    4. Provide an opportunity for the student to choose and pursue a vocation of interest.

    Vocational experiences include but are not limited to: fine dining establishments, fast food restaurants, business offices, retail stores, tattoo parlors, salvage businesses, farms, and hotel maintenance.

    Cooperative Education students will learn a vocation and gain practical on-the-job training while enrolled in high school. The program is a cooperative undertaking between local employers and the school in an effort to provide students with the opportunity to learn the occupation of their choice. The course is designed for 12th grade students, but 11th grade students will also be considered with proper credit completion.