• This course is intended for students who are interested in securing employment as a carpenter in the construction field or for students who are interested in continuing their education in the many construction and design programs at the post-secondary, associate degree level. This course gives students the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to construct, maintain, service, and repair all types of building construction. A continued higher math and computer skills throughout the course of study is greatly encouraged.
    Instruction will be given in the following areas of building construction:

    1. shop mathematics, layout and safety
    2. footer, forms and foundation
    3. sill, girder, and floor framing
    4. wall, ceiling and roof framing
    5. exterior and interior finish
    6. sound and heating insulation materials
    7. cabinet making
    8. estimation of materials and cost
    9. computer assisted home design and blueprint reading
    10. machine operation and tool conditioning
    11. bench work
    12. safety