• Preschool 3-4 years old  

    Hours: Before School - 6:00am-8:15am
    AM Session - 8:10-11:30
    PM Session - 11:30am-3:00pm
    After School - 3:00-6:00pm 

    A preschooler's world opens up in new ways as children improve coordination and begin to interact more with peers.  Children learn by doing through fun, hands-on experiences that will strengthen fundamental skills in literacy, math, science, creative arts, motor skills, and social development.  Caregivers of this age group will encourage your child to become more independent as they take responsibility for their own basic needs such has washing their hands, feeding themselves, pouring their own drinks, and dressing themselves.  Our caregivers will be there to guide your child and provide him or her the assistance and direction  they need in all areas of development and skills. Preschools are also learning to make friendships.  They use language skills to express their needs and relate to other children.  Your preschool aged child will experience a balance between quiet and active play.  Our preschool setting includes a variety of toys and games that help children learn more about their world.  Activities will include learning experiences that center on cognitive, physical, and social/emotional development. 


    Program Features 

    • Services offered 6 am - 6 pm Monday through Friday with the exceptions of days listed on the payment agreement.
    • A variety of options to meet your childcare needs including before school (6am-8:10am), 1/2 day daycare, full day daycare, and after school daycare (3 pm-6pm).
    • 1/2 day daycare compliments the free K3 and K4 preschool programs offered by the Tyrone Area School District. 
    • Summer Daycare Camp available Monday through Friday 6am-6pm with weekly fieldtrips, swimming, and educational activities.Developmentally appropriate learning experiences for 3-4 year olds.
    • Daily communication between parents and caregivers.
    • Parents have the option of providing their child's lunch or participating in the school district's lunch program.
    • Program licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services