• Chromebook 1-to-1 Program
    As part of the districts efforts to integrate technology into the curriculum, incoming 9th graders and new students in grades 10-12 will be provided access to a Chromebook during the school year.  The Chromebook is a laptop computing device that provides access to the Internet and cloud applications.  By providing an assigned Chromebook to each student, we will be creating a learning environment that enables students to access a wide variety of curricular and research tools and applications, in any class, at any time.
    In order to extend this learning environment into the home, parents may elect to allow their child to bring their Chromebook home. To enable the full capabilities of the Chromebooks, you will need to have wireless broadband internet access available.  Even without wireless access, the devices will still have limited functionality with several applications that have offline capabilities.  As a reminder to those in Comcast's service area, discounted broadband internet access is available for as low as $10/month depending on financial need (http://www.internetessentials.com).
    If you choose not to participate in this take home program, a Chromebook will still be available for the student's use during the school day; they will just not be permitted to remove the device from campus.
    Click here to read the policies and regulations the student and parent/guardian must agree to in order to permit the student to bring the Chromebook home.
    For those electing to participate in the take home option, a mandatory meeting will be held for the parents/guardians of students newly eligible for the program to review the programs details and complete necessary paperwork.  We will offer this meeting multiple times; however you only need attend one session.