• Infant 6 weeks - 12 months

    Hours: Monday-Friday 6:00am - 6:00pm  


    The first year of a child’s life is when the most development occurs. Sleep, emotional and physical nourishment, and sensory stimulation are vital in infancy than any other time. The most essential need for infants is warm, nurturing care from the adults they depend on. Our program provides your infant with attentive adults, secure surroundings with equipment and toys that meet and support their individual development. We know that every moment with an infant is precious in their development. Through simple games like peekaboo and reading stories throughout the day, our staff will begin the foundational work for later learning and help infants grow in areas such as language, cognitive, sensory, and motor skill development. 

    Program Features 

    • Services offered 6 am - 6 pm Monday through Friday with the exceptions of days listed on the payment agreement.

    • Developmentally appropriate learning experiences for children 6 weeks-12 months old.

    • Caregivers that will work with you and your child when your child expresses interest in potty training.

    • Daily communication sheets ensure parent/caregiver communication daily.

    • Program licensed by DHS.