• Parallel Parking

    Parallel Parking is now required at all sites across the state.

    Steps to Parallel Park:

    Please feel free to use the space created specifically for our students in the back of the High School, close to the large garage area.  It’s great having an area where it doesn’t matter if you hit the cones (cars) in the front or reverse of you. That’s why we use cones – for your sanity and your parents!  Better our cones than someone else’s car!

    1. Pull up parallel to the car in front of your desired space about 3 feet away, rear bumper to rear bumper, and follow these steps:
    2. Put car into reverse, turn on turn signal, check mirrors, check blind spot before proceeding
    3. Look over your right shoulder before backing, and this is the only time you are allowed to use just one hand on the wheel.
    4. Turn your wheel sharply to the right as you are backing.
    5. When your front door is level with the rear bumper of the car in front straighten out wheels and then back up
    6. When clear of the car ahead turn sharp to left
    7. Continue backing till close to the car behind
    8. Dry steer the front tires to the right and then pull toward curb (do not strike curb or cones) and straighten out.

    During the test, the instructor will provide a description similar to this:

    There is the parking space where you will demonstrate your ability to Parallel Park.  Park the vehicle as if you are on a real street.  Once you are in position to start, you are allowed three backups to get the vehicle completely inside the box.  Once you have finished put the car in Park so that I know you are done.  Be sure not to let your vehicle touch the cones at the front and back of the space, those represent other vehicles.  Also do not forcibly strike or ride up on the burb.