• Two Important Tools for the New Driver:

    Pennsylvania Department of Transportation provides valuable information to assist the novice driver. We recommend that all new driver’s read through the PA Driver’s Manual and that you install the PennDoT app called PA Driver’s License Practice Test. 

    PA Driver’s Manual:
    The ultimate manual for driving in PA is the PA Driver’s Manual produced by PennDoT.  The state no longer prints this book for free distribution.  If you would like access to this manual, you will have to go to this link and print it off.  It may be easiest to print it off while here at school.  The link to the manual is:  https://www.dot.state.pa.us/public/dvspubsforms/bdl/bdl%20manuals/manuals/pa%20drivers%20manual%20by%20chapter/english/pub%2095.pdf

    PA Driver’s License Practice Test (App):
    One of the best tools ever created by PennDoT is the app, PA Driver’s License Practice Test. We recommend that everyone who is going to have to take the driver’s permit test should use this app in advance of the test.  The reason this app is so useful is that it contains all the actual test questions found on the test.  There are hundreds of questions they can ask you and this test performs exactly as the test by randomly choosing questions. We encourage our students to use this app heavily prior to your test date.  Go to this link, look for the 4th app down the list.  The link to the app is:  https://www.pa.gov/apps/

    Parent/Mentor Home Practice Guide


    From the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Institute for Rural Health and Safety

    To Help Parents/Mentors and their Teen Drivers, go to this link:

    Introductory Presentations CTSP/Teachers/Mentors