• Tyrone Area School District
    Drivers Education Instructors

    Both of our instructors were trained and certified by Dr. Lou Pesci of the IUP Institute for Rural Health and Safety and have passed the PRAXIS testing program. Our license examiner has been certified by the PA Department of Transportation.

    Scott Bouslough, Instructor                                     Email: srbouslough@tyrone.k12.pa.us
    Cummins McNitt, Instructor & License Examiner    Email: rcmcnitt@tyrone.k12.pa.us

    Past TAHS Instructors:

    We think it important to honor those instructors who have built and maintained our program over the years.  If you can help us fill in this list please contact the TAHS Driver’s Education Staff.  A number of these are best guesstimates, so please feel free to set us straight!

    Cummins McNitt        2010 – 2024
    Scott Bouslough          2013 – 2024
    Rob Walter                  2000 – 2010
    John Rossman             2000 – 2010
    Jim Butler
    Jack Gorman
    Max Kimmel
    Jerry Wiser
    George Czap
    Paul Matusky
    Pete Dutrow
    Robert Perry
    John Linder