• Signing Up for the Remind App:

    All students are required to sign up for “Remind,” an app for teacher/student to communicate while keeping phone numbers confidential.  You can do this on your phone or on your Chromebook.  Parents also are encouraged to sign up in order to stay on top of their student’s classwork.

    To Sign up: send message to “81010” & message should read as follows: @mrmcnittde

    After you hit send, you will be asked to return a message with your name – please give first and last names.  You may be asked if you are a teacher (T), student (S) or parent (P) and you’ll be asked to respond with the corresponding letters.  That’s all you’ll have to do.  Remember, your phone numbers are not exchanged. You’ll get homework reminders, weather cancellations, and you can send personal messages seen only by you and the teacher.  Please don’t communicate after 8 PM and before 7 AM.  Thank you!