• Permitting Process: 

    1. Get your application from Mr. McNitt, these are handed out the first day of class, or, you can get them online from PennDOT.
    2. Before going to the DMV, get a physical at your family doctor, this is not a standard physical, tell them this is just for a driver’s permit, the form is found on back of permit application, this must be done within 6 months prior to going to the DMV.
    3. Take your original social security card and birth certificate to the PennDOT Driving Center to get your permit. Please remember, if they are laminated, they are considered invalid, and you’ll need to get new documents.  Take your application to the DMV. Today you can now pay with an ATM card, credit card, or money order. You will then take your "written" exam on a computer there at the center.  You must answer 15 of 18 questions correctly, the test will shut down as soon as you answer 15 correctly. If you have issues with distractions, they will give you noise blocking headphones while you take the test.  You will get your permit while you are there.
    4. Your permit is good for one year. You may NOT take your license examination until you have done the following: 50 hours of daytime driving, 10 hours of nighttime, and 5 hours of inclement weather driving.  You may NOT test until you have done these hours and 6 months have passed.
    5. We encourage students and parents to drive as much as possible in these first 6 months. Practice parallel parking in our designated area in our back lot.
    6. Please remember, to be eligible for behind-the-wheel training you must have first completed and passed the classroom driver’s education course. Once this is done, and you’ve gotten your permit, and you have gotten in most of your driving time, about 4 months of driving with your family/mentors, come into the HS main office with $45 and your permit to apply for Behind-The-Wheel training. They will have you fill out a contact info form.  That info will be passed along to the instructors, and we will reach out to you to schedule your driving times. 
    7. We will take you out for 6 one-hour sessions of BTW instruction.  Each lesson is different, building on past knowledge and learning new.
    8. Your 6th lesson will be to take your licensing exam; the testing date is found on your permit. You will drive for 30 minutes, to get your jitters under control and ask all the questions that are of a concern to you, and before actually completing your road exam.
    9. Once you have successfully passed your road test, the D.E. staff will send your paperwork to PennDOT, who will then send you a camera card in 2-4 weeks. Follow the instructions on the camera card to get your official Junior License. If you haven’t heard from PennDOT within 4 weeks find you D.E. instructor to intervene on your behalf.

    Getting Your Junior License:

    A Junior License requires the following: you can only drive between 5 AM – 11 PM.  For the first 6 months you may only have 1 teen in the car with you unless a parent is with you.  After the first 6 months and until you turn 18, you can’t have more than 3 teens in the car with you, again unless a parent is with you.  The only exception to the hours rule, is if you have a job that requires you to work after hours.  You must get a letter from your supervisor, on company letterhead, stating that you are driving after hours for work related purposes.  Keep this in your glove compartment all the time.

    Getting your Senior (Regular) License Early:

    If you can drive for one year, from the date you get your Junior License, with no citations and no collisions that you were in full or in part responsible for, you may get your senior license early.  Stop in to see your DE instructor for the required form.  After that person has signed off, you are to take the document to a Notary Public for their stamp, send the form to the state and you should get a new camera card within two weeks.