Varsity Sports & Marching Band

    Letterman Jackets are now ordered online through the company JOSTENS. Students are responsible for ordering their own varsity jacket on the website, but must meet the letter requirement, see below. Please contact Mr. Hock < dehock@tyrone.k12.pa.us > or the HS main office for the link to purchase a jacket.  


    According to school tradition, students must meet certain requirements in a varsity sport or band in order to be eligible for a Letterman jacket. Students who order a Varsity Letterman Jacket with that letter attached must meet one of the following requirements...

    1. Students in VARSITY SPORTS must earn TWO (2) varsity letters. This can be 2 letters in the same sport from two separate years, or in two separate sports (one letter in each sport).
    2. Students in BAND earn their letter by successfully completing two full seasons of one activity (i.e. 2 seasons of marching band, 2 seasons of indoor percussion, or 2 seasons of indoor color guard). Students must also be in at least 9th grade to receive their letter.

    During the ordering process students can select to have a letter attached to the jacket. Students may list multiple sports or band on the jacket, but must have met the eligibility requirements for either varsity sports or band in order to have a letter on their jacket. Each order will be screened by high school administration to ensure that the student has met the requirements.

    If you chose not to have a letter included on the jacket as part of your order... the company cannot sew your letter onto the jacket after the fact, so you will need to find someone local who is capable of sewing the letter onto the jacket once it arrives.


    Each side of the jacket is customizable. Example photos of the jacket from the website....

    Be sure to read through the company's FAQ page here: https://www.jostens.com/help/products/other-products/letter-jacket-faq - This page also includes information about manufacturing and delivery times, shipping, returns, and who to contact at the company with questions.


    • There are no in-person fittings, you will need to take your own measurements and select the correct size on the order form
    • Be sure you check the sizing chart first - https://www.jostens.com/apps/shop/images/pdf/mascot_jacket_size_chart.pdf
    • If you need special sizing, there is a spot on the order form - "Need custom sizing" -  where you can get custom sleeve length and body length
    • Keep in mind what you plan to wear underneath the jacket. Many kids like to wear a sweatshirt or several layers underneath the jacket. This may affect the size jacket that you would like to order.


    • You can order any time of the year
    • Typical manufacturing time is 8-10 weeks and shipped in 5 - 7 business days
    • There are a couple example pictures above and on the website that you can refer to and a diagram of where each item is placed on the jacket
    • Double and triple check your order to be sure you have the correct items, spelling of names, and items correctly placed in the desired locations.
    • Once the jacket is ordered you will not be able to send the jacket back to the company at a later date to add items, so be sure you get everything you want now
    • The base price of the jacket is $149, but items add up quickly depending on how many options you include.

    If you have any questions you can contact the company directly or contact Mr. Hock - dehock@tyrone.k12.pa.us