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  • Tyrone Emergency Shelter

    Tyrone Area School District

    Emergencies are not something anyone likes to think about, but they can happen at any time.  Emergencies can happen anywhere; home, school, work, and even during recreational activities.  Emergencies can be natural or man-made.  Although we may not know when a disaster will strike or a crisis occur, the more prepared and aware people are the better they will be able to cope and ease anxiety.

    Not all public shelters are automatically activated for each emergency. They are opened as needed and are not pre-assigned by geographic area. During an emergency please monitor local television and radio stations for open shelter information.

    Tyrone Area School District Campus is designated to serve as the Tyrone Area Emergency Shelter.

    Where to go:

    1001 Clay Avenue, Tyrone, PA  16686

    Where to enter:

    High School Gym Lobby and overflow will continue to the Elementary School through the main doors.


    Up to 5000 people can be housed in the campus facilities with electricity, natural gas, water, food and appropriate personnel.

    Emergency Supplies to Take to a Shelter

    In the case of an evacuation, families should prepare to take care of themselves without outside help for several days. The average amount of time for an evacuation is three days. Check your Grab and Go Kit to be sure these basic items are included for each person.

        • Identification
        • A change of clothes, good walking shoes, extra socks and underwear.
        • A sleeping bag (or two blankets), an extra blanket, and small pillow per person. There will be limited amount of supplies.
        • Prescription and over-the-counter medicines.
        • Cash, checkbooks, and credit cards (during a power outage, cash may be your only option)
        • Flashlight and spare batteries
        • Toiletries such as toothpaste/toothbrush, contact lens solution, toilet paper (they may run out) and hand sanitizer and feminine supplies.
        • Important papers such as birth certificates, social security cards, insurance papers, titles and deeds, bank certificates, etc. (store them in a plastic envelope or binder to help protect them)
        • Important phone numbers for contacting family, insurance companies, and banks
        • Special items for infants (clothes, diapers, food/formula, bottles and nipples, food, small toys, blankets, portable crib, etc.)
        • Extra pair of glasses or contacts and contact lens case and solution.

    Special Thanks to the Tyrone Area FFA Chapter who provided this as part of their Leading to Serve Grant.