•  A word on cheap instruments: It might seem like a good deal, but consider this…

    • Inexpensive instruments are made with cheaper metals and materials
    • Metals are thinner, causing valves/slides to scrape and often freeze up or stick, causing frustration for the student
    • Keys bend easier, solder joints are weaker, overall they do not hold up very long
    • Instruments that come in colors are most often of the same poor quality materials.
    • From past experience, “new” instruments bought online were unplayable upon arrival and had to be fixed to become playable
    • The Band Man or Robert M Sides may not be able to make repairs and in some cases will refuse to repair these instruments.
    • Students can become quickly frustrated with an instrument that doesn’t work well and this may cause them to give up too soon. 

    Older instruments are often built better. In some cases, a 50 year old instrument, with a little cleaning, will be much better in the long run than $100 new instrument from online

    Some trusted Brands of instruments

    • Yamaha – best quality/affordable beginner model instruments
    • Jupiter (intermediate models and up, beginner models are cheaply made)
    • Conn-Selmer: Bach, Holton, LeBlanc, King, Selmer, Conn, Armstrong, Musser, Ludwig
    • Blessing, Bundy, Buffet, Gemeinhardt, Vito, Dynasty, Getzen
    • Older & discontinued brands – Olds, Cleveland
    • Percussion – most brands/price ranges are acceptable for beginners – good starting point for finding instruments

    If you have questions about a brand of instrument before you buy it, you can contact Mr. Hock or contact one of the repair/music stores under the "RESOURCES" link.