• Mission Statement

    We establish high standards of learning and expect all students to achieve. Our goal is to facilitate collaboration among staff, parents, and community to create an environment that supports, engages, and challenges students to achieve high levels of success.



    District leaders promote a culture of learning, support and monitor use of best practices, and provide opportunities for professional growth.

    District leaders facilitate collaboration among all members of the school and community.


    Students are engaged. Teachers are motivating. Administrators are supportive. Parents and community members are involved.

    All members of the learning community feel safe, both physically and emotionally.

    Efforts and successes of students and staff are recognized and celebrated.


    High expectations are met by providing research-based, data-driven instruction that is aligned to the state standards.

    Curriculum and Instruction integrates technology to enhance teaching and learning.

    Curriculum and Instruction prepares and inspires students for future endeavors.


    Students take ownership of their learning through active participation.

    Students believe in themselves, put forth their best effort, and take pride in their abilities and achievements.


    Parents, as the first and most influential teachers, are committed to their children’s education.

    The District collaborates with local businesses and outside agencies to provide support and opportunities for students.

    All members of the school and community share the responsibility for student success through continued involvement and commitment to the educational process.


    Staff recognizes a shared responsibility for enforcing and modeling school rules and increasing student achievement.

    Professional Learning Communities collaborate to make data-based decisions and implement best practices to enhance student success.

    Staff effectively communicates with parents and community to support student success.

    Staff takes ownership for their professional growth.