VEHICLES. Any parents or students who plan to leave their vehicle at the high school for the week, I must have your vehicle make/model and license number so school security knows who is leaving vehicles. You will need to park your vehicle at the back of the school, behind the pool and against the tree line.

    MONDAY, April 29 - Percussion rehearsal (6p-9p) & Guard rehearsal

    TUESDAY, April 30 - Percussion rehearsal

    • 8:15p - parents can come to the HS gym to watch our final run throughs
    • ~8:30p - 9:00 - Everyone helps load the trailer until finished

    WEDNESDAY, May 1

    • Students can bring their luggage to the band room at the beginning of the school day.
    • We may have some extra cooler space for anyone bringing cold items, but at this time I can't be sure how much space we will have, if any. You can bring your own cooler and be sure you have ice in it.
    • When the charter bus arrives, all luggage and coolers will be put in the storage underneath the bus
    • Be sure you have some cash for food with you. We will stop at a rest stop for fast food on the way to NJ
    • 12:30p - students dismiss from class and report to the band room and start loading the charter bus. If you eat C lunch, take your time to finish your lunch and then report as soon as you can.
    • 1:00p - depart for WILDWOOD!

    Read over the full wildwood schedule one last time before Wednesday so you know what to expect

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