To the extent feasible, and in accordance with the student’s best interest, a homeless student shall continue to be enrolled in his/her school of origin while he/she remains homeless or until the end of the academic year in which he/she obtains permanent housing. Parents/Guardians of a homeless student may request enrollment in the school in the attendance area where the student is actually living or other schools. If a student is unaccompanied by a parent/guardian, the district liaison will consider the views of the student in determining where he/she will be enrolled. The selected school shall immediately enroll the student and begin instruction, even if the student is unable to produce records normally required for enrollment pursuant to district policies. However, the district may require a parent/guardian to submit contact information. The district liaison may contact the previous school for oral confirmation of immunizations, and the school shall request records from the previous district, pursuant to Board policy. If the district is unable to determine the student’s grade level due to missing or incomplete records, the district shall administer tests or utilize appropriate means to determine the student’s placement. If a dispute arises over school selection or enrollment, the student shall be immediately enrolled in the school in which enrollment is sought, pending resolution of the dispute. The parents/guardians shall be provided with a written explanation of the district’s decision, their right to appeal and the procedures to use for the appeal.