• Dear Parent/Guardian,

    The weather is changing and as it gets colder it’s time to start thinking about possible delays and cancellations due to inclement weather.  The preschool program is required by the Pre K Counts grant to provide 180 days of instruction for preschool students.  To ensure we meet this requirement, the K3 and K4 classrooms will run on a modified schedule should we have inclement weather this season. 

    Two Hour Delays

    AM K3 and K4 classes:  Arrival 9:30 with dismissal at 12:00.  Students will be offered lunch before they go home on this day, so plan to buy or pack accordingly.

    PM K3 and K4 classes:  Arrival at 12:30 with dismissal at 3:00.  Students will be offered lunch as soon as they arrive, so plan to buy or pack accordingly.

    Full Day K4:  Arrival at 9:30 with dismissal at 3:00.  Breakfast will NOT be served.  Students will be offered lunch and a snack, so buy or pack accordingly.    

    Note about PM Dismissal Time: While I understand that waiting a few extra minutes for your preschool child on this day may be inconvenient, families are discouraged to come to the office and request their preschool child be released prior to 3:00 on these days.  Dismissal is a busy time and the paras are needed in the classroom supporting the class, not running individual students up to the office for an early dismissal. 

    Daycare: Opens at 8:30 am on two hour delay days.  Additional fees will be added to your account if your child is at daycare at a time they typically are not.  See your statement for these additional charges.                                         

    Cancellation Days
    If the Tyrone Area School District cancels school due to inclement weather, daycare and preschool will also be closed.  K3 and K4 will make up their sessions on the make-up day the district chooses. 

    Early Dismissal Days
    In the event of an early dismissal due to weather, the decision is typically made prior to the PM session beginning, and therefore PM K3 and K4 will be cancelled.  The full day class will dismiss approximately 15 minutes prior to the time announced on the phone message, radio, tv stations etc.  For example, if early dismissal is at 12:00 pm, K4 full day will begin releasing students at 11:45 am.  Daycare typically closes about an hour after the school on early dismissal days.  This is also announced on the phone messenger, radio, tv stations, etc.

    If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.