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    Because we CAN!!

    What does it mean?  #89 is a manifestation of our vision: “Tyrone Area Middle School students will be engaged, motivated learners who set and meet goals both individually and as a school community in order to be prepared for the next level.”

    Goals based on the vision:

    89% of our students will meet EITHER the iReady grade level Growth Target OR the grade level Performance Target.

    89% of our students will meet math benchmarks set in conjunction with our Go Math and Holt books and the math curriculum.

    89% of students and staff will feel that our school climate is healthy.

    89% of staff will report gains in implementing technology.

    89% of our students will report that technology is used regularly in their school day. 


    School Improvement at every level: Each grade level has goals to move students toward the vision.  In the next two weeks, students will be writing goals in advisory, using the SMART goal template.

     SMART goal model