Harry K. Sickler, Jr. Athletic Park

    Tyrone Area School District

    Facility Use Rules


    1. All vehicle parking by team members and spectators will be in the parking lots.  ABSOLUTELY NO ONE WILL DRIVE ON THE FIELDS OR LAWN AREAS AT ANYTIME.
    2. Any organization wishing to use the facility for practice or games must have proof of insurance submitted to the Athletic office 15 days prior to using the facility.
    3. The use of Alcohol and Tobacco products on school grounds is strictly prohibited.
    4. Any problems or vandalism should be reported to the Athletic Director immediately.
    5. There are restrooms at the facility.  A key will be issued upon request.  The organization/person requesting the key will be responsible to inspect the restrooms for damage before and after each game/practice and report any damage immediately to the Athletic Director.
    6. The School District will mow grass and irrigate fields on their schedule.  Maintenance will take priority. Only School District Personnel will mow grass.
    7. Coaches are requested to encourage players and staff to use the walkways instead of walking through recently planted lawn areas.
    8. It is the responsibility of each organization’s representative to schedule the maintenance of the respective fields and to insure that maintenance is completed as described below.
    9. Any coach conducting a clinic/practice using school district facilities that is not a regular season game/practice or specifically approved by the Tyrone Area School Board must provide insurance coverage for that event. 
    10. Any coach that charges a fee to participants for a clinic that uses school district facilities will be charged a fee according to the Tyrone Area School District’s “Use of Facility Policy”. 

    Baseball/Softball Fields

    • Drag Baseball/Softball Fields infields periodically per attached directions.  Absolutely no trucks are to be used for dragging the fields.  Lawnmower and 4-wheeler use permitted.
    • Each day of practice or game fill holes in batter’s box, catcher’s area and pitcher’s mound then rake area.  Dump a bucket of water at the batter’s box and pitcher’s mound.
    • Each day of practice or game rake areas at 1st, 2nd and 3rd base.
    • Only the School District will mow the lawns.
    • Organizations will provide their own materials and equipment for maintenance.
    • Each day clean up trash - All debris, papers, cans and bottles, etc.  This includes the dugouts.
    • If field is wet- Postpone game/practice.
    • District will not provide storage for any organization.
    • No soft toss hitting on/against fences.
    • The batting cage is there for your use.  It may be used on days when field conditions prevent playing on the fields.  You are requested to insure that mud is not tracked into the batting cage.
    • Coaches are responsible to put bases in storage following practices/games.

    Soccer Field  

    •   Only School District personnel will mow lawns.
    •   Soccer Organization will provide line painting.
    •   Net locations are to be rotated to prevent excessive turf damage.
    •   Each day – Clean up trash.
    •   If fields are excessively wet- Postpone game/practice.
    •   No Baseball/Softball practice.


     Schedule for use of Fields


    The following team priorities will be used in scheduling practices. 

    1.     Baseball Fields

    • Federation (1st)
    •   Adult (2nd)
    • Teener (3rd)

    2.     Softball Fields

    • Girls Slow Pitch
    • Girls Fast Pitch
    • Little League
    • Minor League
    • Pee Wee League 

     3.     Soccer Field

    • Boys/Girls HS Soccer
    • Jr./Sr. High Varsity Football
    • Soccer Practices
    • Little League Football


    Field Dragging Instructions 

     Baseball Fields

    1. Drag only between 1st and 2nd, 2nd and 3rd.
    2. Starting at 3rd, drag in circles at slow speed staying at least 2’ away from the grass on the infield and outfield. 
    3. Make one straight pass at the infield and outfield grass line without pulling the drag onto the grass.
    4. At no time should the drag be pulled onto the grass.  The drag should be stopped at least 6’ from 1st or 3rd base and carried off the field.  Any infield mix that accumulated at the location where the drag was picked up should be raked out by hand.

      Softball Fields 

    1. Start at the pitchers mound making circles that continue to grow in diameter. 
    2. Stop at least six feet from the grass lines and rake the remaining areas by hand.