College Letter of Recommendation Wizard

  • I do not participate in the uniform college application process (a.k.a. "The Common App"), but if you need a college letter of recommendation and your grade average in my class exceeds 90% with SAT verbal scores exceeding 500 out of 800, simply:
    1. download the Word document Template for either  "Boy" or "Girl" below.
    2. personalize the document by inserting the date, your name, your personal career / scholarly interests, your volunteering experiences, your personal accomplishments, or any other information that you would otherwise like to include.
    3. print out as many hard-copies of the completed document as you would like me to sign to make the letter official
    You can see below a model of a completed letter for a former student of mine.  Again, I use these templates only for exceptional students who meet the aforementioned criteria.
    If you do not meet the grade and SAT criteria detailed above, please see me in room 218 and I will still help you out. I have never turned down a student request for an initial letter; in fact, I do so many letters each year that this system, while not perfect, is the only way I can continue to accommodate every student who asks for a well-written one that will get you where you want to go.
    Good luck in your college search!
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.