• Whether the yardstick is Writing Performance, Reading Performance, School Performance Profile (SPP), or the recent surge in SAT scores, the Tyrone High English Department is making the grade.  Below are the dedicated teachers responsible for these state-topping student results and improvements.


#1 State Ranking in Writing

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Class of 2016 Stat Package

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#1 State Ranking in Reading

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Nice...but are our students college-ready? A few alumni testimonials...

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    Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 2:15 AM
    To: Everhart, Stephen L.
    Subject: vincent gray thanks Mr. Everhart
    I am looking down the barrel of having three days left of classes at Penn State University Park where I have been for the previous four years. Today I realized that I have very limited time left and decided to email the two teachers that had the greatest impact on sculpting me as a student-- you and Mr. Feather. The summer after I finished high school I passed English fifteen with a 97%. I attribute this entirely to you. You taught me to develop my own voice in my writing and gave me the confidence to seamlessly stack my writing up against the best in the state. I was published in Penn Statements-- the handbook for English 15 every freshman must purchase. Unfortunately I refused because my professor asked me to rewrite a conclusion to an essay calling for Joe Pa’s retirement in 2008, a very solemn circumstance reflecting on it now. I assume that you most likely do not need reassurance you are doing an outstanding job sculpting young writers based on the quality of work you publish in Stardust every year. I would like you to know that ever since my freshman year in Mr. Merryman's class reading Stardust it was my dream to be published in it let alone to be voted best narrative of my class. Ever since I have taken your class junior year of high school I have never been pushed quite as hard to tap into my creative writing ability. In conclusion, Mr. Everhart I would like to thank you with everything that I am for preparing me more than anyone for the college atmosphere.
    Vince Gray

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    To: Everhart, Stephen L.
    Subject: Thank you!
    Mr. Everhart,
    I was just wanting to write you to give you a huge thank you! Throughout my entire high school experience I can honestly say that your class is truly the one that has helped me the most. I just began my English 015 course at the beginning of the semester, and I feel so prepared from being in your class! Everything we are learning so far is something that you have already taught me. It's very cool to sit in a college class and already understand what you're learning about. Please share this with your students! If I would have known then what I know now I wouldn't have felt like it was just another class I had to take. It wasn't one I had to pay for either! Once again I thank you for everything you have taught me!
    Erica Swartz

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    From: Tim Crabtree [mailto:littlet8293@gmail.com]
    Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2012 9:50 PM
    To: Everhart, Stephen L.
    Subject: Regarding your class
    Hi Mr. Everhart,
    What you teach in your English 11 class is excellent. I'm not sure if you had known, but I enrolled in PACE at PSU where I took an English 15 course. Because of those packets and specifically your "sports caster" quoting technique lesson, I excelled in the English 15 class. Despite having less total years in any English classes than most of the students, I performed significantly better than most of them. Anyone with even a small bit of self-motivation in your class should excel in their future writing classes, and I thank you for how well you taught.
    Tim Crabtree