Miss Dillon's Accountable Math Talk Questions


    DOK 1

    Can you recall why you chose that strategy?

    Can you identify what the first, second, and third steps of solving the problem are?

    What did you start with?

    What information do you have?

    What information are you finding?

    List the words you identified as key words.

    Does that make sense? Why?


    DOK 2

    Can you explain what you were thinking here?

    Can you explain how you solved the problem? Why did you choose that strategy?

    How did you know your answer was right?

    Explain why you chose that operation to solve the problem.

    What do you notice about your work and how it relates to the answer?

    How could you organize your work to better display your thinking?

    How is this like other problems you solved before?

    Make observations about the problem in your own words.


    DOK 3

    How is the way you solved the problem related to the way I solved the problem?

    How is the way you solved the problem related to how Miss Dillon solved the problem?

    Why is this the best answer?

    What would happen if I did …. Instead of …..?


    DOK 4

    Create a word problem that uses the same strategy of problem solving and include the same key words.

    Analyze how I solved the problem, and explain back to me what you would have done differently or similarly.


    Accountable Talk Starters in Literacy Block 
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