The Tyrone Area school District Preschool Early Intervention Program identifies and provides early intervention special education services to eligible young children who live in the school district and meet the following criteria:

    • Ages 3 to 5 years old and not yet enrolled in kindergarten
    • Has a disability and/or exhibits a developmental delay of at least 25% in one or more of the following developmental areas:
    *  Cognitive
    *  Communication
    *  Physical
    *  Self-help
    *  Social-emotional
    • and is in need of specially designed instruction
    The process of determining that a child has a developmental delay usually includes:
    1. An intake meeting is conducted by a member of the early intervention team where we talk with the family about their child's development.
    2. A screening may be conducted as a guided to determine if there is a need for a full evaluation.
    3. If an evaluation is needed, a permission to evaluate is issued.
    4. An evaluation is only conducted upon receipt of the family's written consent;
    5. Then the multidisciplinary team will begin the process of evaluation. Information provided by the family is an invaluable part of this process.
    Children who are eligible for Preschool Early Intervention Programs and Services are determined by the multidisciplinary team and the child's family who will then develop an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
    Preschool Early Intervention services for eligible young children are provided at no cost to the family.