• Goals & Objectives:

    • Continue learning to play and practice a band instrument individually, building on concepts learned in 5th grade
    • Continue learning use of good sound, rhythm, tempo (speed), and notes
    • Reinforce proper instrument care
    • Continue learning to play and rehearse with other students, in small and large groups
    • Continue learning to perform for an audience, individually and in small groups


    • Band Lessons run on a rotation - 6th period
    • Band students come to band lessons instead of general music during the rotation
    • One day each cycle will be FULL Band with all students together
    • Band students should plan ahead for their lesson and full band days and be sure they have their instrument, music and supplies at school on those days


    • Lesson participation & practicing - 10 points each lesson
    • Related CANVAS assignments - 5-10 points each rotation
    • Level playing tests, individually - 5 points
    • Large group rehearsal participation - 10 points


    • Concert performances are our opportunity to showcase everything we have learned to parents and the community.
    • Fall concert: Thursday, December 2, 2021 @ 7pm, High School Auditorium
    • Spring concert: Thursday, April 21, 2022 @ 7pm, High School Auditorium

    For other band questions contact Mr. Hock: dehock@tyrone.k12.pa.us or 684-4240 ext 3306